‘Hot Freaks: Volume One’ – The New Sampler From Gun Fever

November 22, 2013

GF‘Hot Freaks: Volume One’ is the new sampler from Gun Fever and it’s out now, available to download and stream for FREE from Bandcamp.

Named after a classic Guided By Voices tune, this first instalment of what will be an annually released compilation features 15 of our favourite tracks released throughout the year by bands that we’ve worked with in some capacity.

1. Super Best Friends (ACT) – Round & Round
2. Jonesez (VIC) – P90
3. Sincerely, Grizzly (SA) – Us; or Optimism
4. Mezzanine (WA) – King Of The Ring
5. Pretty City (VIC) – Part Of Your Crowd
6. Horror My Friend (SA) – Lifeblood
7. Trigger Jackets (WA) – Sugarcoat
8. Maids (NSW) – Dr Gecko
9. Puck (WA) – Run From The Pack
10. The Community Chest (WA) – Show Me
11. Dead Owls (WA) – Only Child
12. Pat Chow (WA) – Winning
13. The Coalminers Sect (WA) – Break My Line
14. The Water Board (NSW) – Silver Surfer
15. Children (WA) – Why Can’t I Get It Right