Community Chest Promo Shot (Low Res)


Adem Kerimofski – Vocals / Guitar
Dee Kerimofski – Guitar / Vocals
Laurie Sinagra – Bass
Trevor Cotton – Drums
Peter Yuncken – Keys

Greg Sanders | +61 423 774 834

Adem K | +61 421 088 421

‘Top Of The Hour’ is the new full length album from indie rock anti-heroes, The Community Chest.

Fronted by ex-Turnstyle main man Adem K, and backed by a clued in cast of lo-fi enthusiasts and DIY specialists, this is classic rock in it’s purest form made for worshippers at the alters of Malkmus, Deal, Pollard & Barlow.

While many of his song-writing contemporaries from the late 90’s in Perth have moved on to worldwide electro superstardom, adult contemporary ARIA awards and questionable crowd funding campaigns, Adem K has gone a long way to restoring the balance with this latest offering, which will quite possibly end up proving to be his masterpiece.

‘Get Into The Rocket’ is the lead track from the album, and is as catchy an indie pop anthem you’ll hear this side of a Rentals reunion. With it’s sugary sweet call and response vocals, and more dynamics than a bottle of Dynamo, it’ll have you reaching for that wool sweater you couldn’t bring yourself to throw out in 2001 when they told you The Strokes were going to save rock n roll.

This is real rock n roll, with equal parts fuzz, synth, melody, harmony, quirk and style thrown into the mix to produce 37 minutes of sheer, unashamed pop brilliance.

“The world needs more Adem K’s… Beach Boys-style melodies combined with distorted guitars in superb pop outings”

“…enough vintage synthesisers to make Kraftwerk blush and more hooks that an abattoir”
- X-Press Magazine